Daily Vlogging On Snapchat

As many of you probably know by now, I am working with Channel Mum as a Sponsored Vlogger. I have been loving it so far. Being on camera is something I feel very comfortable doing and I love being able to share my parenting journey with other people who can relate. It's something I used to do so much of when I was pregnant and it has continued in to motherhood. The books and apps are great but there really is nothing like hearing it all from the horses mouth.

I tend to daily vlog on Snapchat. That's not to say that I won't be daily vlogging on Youtube also but I love recording snippets of my day on Snapchat. It's such a fun platform to connect with other people on. I am really enjoying it these days. It's brought so many lovely people and experiences in to my life. The Bridie Brunch has to be the highlight so far. What a great day that was.

Aaaanyway, to those of you who are considering joining Snapchat, here is a little idea of how I like to use it. The beauty in the 10 second restriction is that you have a string of quick and snappy (get it?) videos of photos that all string together in to one short "story". I really really enjoy using it.

So here is a random day in the life "Snapchat Story" from us. It was a lovely Saturday. A day to forget about work and house chores. We headed in to Dublin's Fair City and had a really nice family day.

And sure isn't that what it's all about?

Please ignore the annoying horizontal filming but this was all recording on my phone via the Snapchat app. Say hello on Snapchat if you like what you see. I can be found at traceyquinn89

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