Giveaway! €50 Voucher To Print Your Photographs Straight From Your Phone With

I am so excited to be launching this giveaway. have kindly given me a €50 voucher for one of my readers.

During the week I had the opportunity to give a try. I couldn't believe how easy it sounded and it sounded. Like the perfect remedy to my "photo fear". That's right folks, I have photo fear. I am never without my camera in my hand. I am constantly taking photographs and it's kind of what I'm known for. I've managed to capture some really special moments of the people I love. Most importantly I have taken photographs of everything from Billy's first sneeze to him wearing his first pair of shoes. The fear stems from the fact that I am always worried about losing these photos. When Billy was about six months my i phone passed away. It's OK like, we had some good times. It served me well for years. But with it's untimely death came the realization that I had lost all the photos I took in the first six months of Billy's life. I was devastated. I had posted a lot of them on Facebook but naturally there were a lot more personal photos that I hadn't shared. Particularly of those first few days when he was just born.

So you could say I haven't had the best luck with cameras. Did I mention I dropped my mam's camera from an amusement ride at a carnival and it hit the ground and smashed in to pieces? Oh and then there was the trip to Las Vegas when I was pregnant. Thousands of once in a lifetime photos and my camera was stolen on Fremont Street an hour before we left for the airport to head home to Ireland. I think I cried for the eight hour flight.

The idea of being able to use an app to order photo prints directly from the camera gallery on my phone really appealed to me. It sounded so easy. I really enjoyed scrolling through my photographs and choosing the special ones I wanted to have in hard format. Even to this day family members of mine have brought really old photos to specialists who have done amazing canvasses and transformations with them. There is a lot to be said for a photograph in your hand rather than a digital one.

I sat down one evening and downloaded the app and made my order. It was really easy and straightforward. I selected the photos I wanted to print and it uploaded them to the app. They arrived in my letterbox two days later. I was seriously impressed. I can't express how much I enjoyed sitting down with a cup of tea and flicking through the photographs. It was so lovely. I am over the moon to have these photos in hard copy and I really recommend it to anyone with children. Losing precious photographs is really a kick in the teeth and actually very upsetting if I'm honest.

Would you like to win a €50 voucher to use at Simply follow the steps below and I'll choose a winner on Friday 1st April (and that's not an April fools joke....)

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Best Of Luck!

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