Crafty Chocolatey Budget Easter Basket - Gift Idea For Less Than €10

Hi Everyone,

Easter is just around the corner and we have been trying to decide what to give Billy as his Easter gift. Traditionally it tends to be some kind of chocolate treat, which is fine. I have been really noticing all the beautiful crafty bits and pieces in all the different shops over the last few weeks though. I knew I definitely wanted to pick up a few and somehow incorporate them in to his gift.

I visited my local Dealz today and picked up an assortment of little things to add together in the form of a little Easter hamper/basket. It really ticks all the boxes for me. It has a little Easter themed sticker/activity book, some plastic Easter Egg toys, little delicate textured nests with pretend eggs, a little baby chick soft toy and of course some chocolate kinder eggs thrown in to the mix. I really felt as though it had the perfect mix of crafty and chocolatey. I would have been delighted with a present like this as a child and I hope he too will be.

My store of choice was Dealz but pretty much every discount store has a large selection of Easter themed craft supplies, books and sweets. There are lots of different options for baskets and boxes too. Everything I bought in Dealz was €1.49 per packet. In total I spent €18 and it was divided between two people - my cousin who is three and Billy who is 21 months. The picture below shows what one person will be getting. Can you believe it? €9.


To add to this gorgeous little basket I got a Minion and Peppa Pig themed Easter egg for the little cuties. Both of these are INCLUDED in the €18 would you believe.

The basket includes these two items which I really love. One is an activity book with Easter themed puzzles and stickers and the other is a crafty "make your own Easter egg" painting kit. Both were €1.49 in Dealz. Like seriously, how can anyone pass them up? It is such good value.

Dealz also had bags of coloured pom pom string (or whatever it is called) which makes for a lovely base in the basket. The basket itself was also €1.49 in Dealz.

So there you have it, a really lovely and inexpensive gift idea for your little ones this Easter. I don't know about you but I want to try and make sure Billy doesn't turn in to a piece of chocolate during the festivities so including books, crafts and other non-food treat items felt very important to me.

I really hope this post was helpful for some of you. I still can't believe each box, including the chocolate Easter eggs, came to under €10.

 I was not paid or compensated for this review. It is an independent review and I bought these items myself. I simply wanted to share the idea with you all. 

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