Me-Time With Netflix

As some of you know I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team. Isn't that deadly? They very kindly invited me to do so and I am delighted to be involved. It basically gives me a bit of a voice (not that I needed one) to tell you what I'm watching on Netflix at the moment, what floats my boat, and what doesn't. 

It couldn't have come at a better time really. I love the internet. Self-confessed absolute addict right here. I sort of justify it by the fact that I don't smoke or drink much. It's the age of technology so we are all immersed in the internet for everything from doing our food shopping to searching hashtags on Instagram for recipe ideas. I love it. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest (I'm new... I can feel the addiction brewing though) and most recently Snapchat. Ah, Snapchat. Initially used and abused by the youth of today sending eachother dodgy photos and now being overtaken by the blogging world. I am loving it. I tried my hand at vlogging and really enjoyed it but got fed up with the editing programme I was restricted to using so that's been put on the back burner for a while. Snapchat has totally filled the void though. I can basically vlog all day now. I am loving the experience and find it completely entertaining. 

Which reminds me - my Snapchat name is traceyquinn89 if you fancy giving me a follow. Today, for example I snapped about having a third coffee at 10am and the devastating moment when your sandwich is finished. Issues! 

Back to Netflix. So I'm addicted to the Internet. I can easily while away 4-5 hours in the evening mindlessly scrolling through various feeds (and giving various feeds to my non sleeping hungry baby... heh heh heh). Sure it's great altogether. 

BUT, and this is a very big but (that's what she said) - it can be a bit much. Am I right? I'm never done on the net. I never feel like I've scrolled enough, liked enough or compared myself to enough bebo stunnas. Before I know it it's 1am, my eyes are in the back of my head with tiredness, and I'm watching snaps in bed. As I said, issues! 

I'm also really missing the telly. Yes, I've always loved the telly. I have awful taste in television according to my boyfriend so we can never agree on something to watch together.So now I love nothing more than snuggling up in bed with a good TV show. Or loved I should say - past tense. When I was pregnant and going through "that" horrible few weeks of evening nausea I lived for my early nights where I would get in to bed and watch episode after episode of whatever TV show took my fancy. And then I had a baby, started blogging and became addicted to the internet. 

Netflix is my little night in shining armour. It gives me a reason to ditch the phone (kinda... but c'mon, I got a new one), close down the laptop, and have some me-time. It's so refreshing. 

I feel like I am constantly discovering how great Netflix is. Most recently I watched the Saved By The Bell Movie. SAVED BY THE BELL!!!!! I was utterly obsessed with that when I was a kid - desperately wanting to look like Kelly Kapouski when I was older. As you can tell that's worked out swimmingly. I then started watching Pretty Little Liars and oh my God this show is fantastic. I love it. 

So I'm in work now (on my lunch break so I'm allowed on the Internet, don't worry) and I can feel the waves of tiredness creeping up. I've been up since 5am with Billy Bear and not even three coffees could shake this exhaustion. I'm sitting here daydreaming about relaxing this evening - nice cup of tea, PJ's and I'll watch something on Netflix. Out of the blue I randomly have an urge to watch Eat, Pray, Love (don't judge me, I loved it!) and what do you know... it's on Netflix. 

So here's to me-time with Netflix. I'm really loving it!