Review l MeMeMe Cosmetics Arch Angel

Lads, scarlet for me. 

Seriously, scarlet for my actual mam for having me. 

I'm not a beauty blogger, nor am I a make-up fanatic, but I just had to review this product. From time to time I am sent different products to try out, review or run a giveaway with. I wouldn't really have any interest in reviewing a product I wouldn't actually buy myself or recommend though. Which leads me to this mortifying post. Mortifying because it contains a close-up of my eyebrows. Imagine the hilarity of me trying to take that photo... I was in my bedroom, waiting for the bit of natural light to creep out behind the passing clouds. Standing at my bedroom window, which happens to back out on to my neighbours garden. Just picture the scene. If someone looked up at my window they would have seen me standing there, in various different poses trying to get a good photo of my bloody eyebrows. 

So, eyebrows are a thing. As I said, I'm not a beauty blogger and I don't claim to know anything extraordinary about make-up. But I know that they are a thing. My best friend is an amazing make-up artist, and I do recall her always harping on about brows. And sure the other day didn't I witness someone on Facebook refer to their "eyebrow game". It's a thing folks, whether you want to believe it or not. 

So, speaking of eyebrow games... mine was fairly non-existent. There are actually many eyebrow "styles" roaming the streets these days. The thin ones, the bushy ones, the scousebrow... the list is endless. Mine would be in the "no brow" arena, if there was such a thing. I'm naturally fair (not in the "fair" maiden beautiful type of way) and my eyebrows are non existent for the most part. I can get away without having them waxed or shaped for far too long (except for when writing a cringey blog review where I show the world close-up photographs of them). It's only very recently that I started giving them some TLC at all. I was having them waxed one day (I go here) and the girl who always does them suggested getting a tint too. She said it would highlight them more and it would be lovely. I trusted her, had a wild moment, and went for a tint as well as a wax. Sure there was no stopping me like. I got in to the other half's car and of course he greeted me with the following compliment...

                                "You look like you've two caterpillars on your face".

It's OK though lads, I brushed it off and had a swag about me for the rest of the day. My eyebrow game was strong. Real strong. 

The next couple of eyebrow waxes were just standard. I'm not even really sure why. I started to look back on photos and I suddenly came to the realization that having a tint to my otherwise invisible eyebrows made a huge difference. It totally changed the shape of my face. I really liked it. I vowed to always get a tint from then on. 

And that brings me to now. I'm totally overdue an eyebrow wax. It's been a busy couple of weeks and I just haven't had the time. I really like the place I go to and generally won't stray from there either. Again, most of the time I can get away with it but they are at the point now where they really need doing. 

So when I received the MeMeMe Cosmetics Arch Angel I didn't even think I'd know how to use it. I've used an eyebrow powder in the past, but only when I'm doing my "going out" makeup. I opened the packaging and it actually looked fairly straight forward. An attractive little device. One end is the eyebrow tint and the other is a highlighter. Highlighting is another thing by the way. One that I can safely say I will never be blogging about.
I gave it a bash, applied the tint using one end, pretended I knew how to use the highlighter on the other end, and that was it. I looked in the mirror and didn't hate what I saw at all. I quite liked it actually. 


Since then it's become a part of my everyday makeup routine, and that is saying something. I have about 5 minutes to do my make-up every day and it's a quick affair. Foundation, bit of powder, blusher, mascara and some lip balm. I feel super fancy now that my brows are getting some daily attention too.

I'm not lying when I say that I will be buying this product when it runs out. It is readily available in many pharmacies and retails at about €10.50.