Food Shopping - Things I Buy Every Single Week

What an utterly random idea for a blog post. Are you really excited? 

Truth is, I'm a nosey parker and I love reading these types of posts. I thought it might be a good idea for taking part in the Link-A-List Linky too. My Little Babog and El And Baby A are hosting this great linky. I think it's a brilliant idea, especially when you (like me) might be reading a blog post in bed. Quick accessible blog posts in list form. A quick chuckle, recipe, craft idea or advice. I love me a list. 

We do our food shopping once a week and I have a bit of a strategy. First we get the "usuals", then I get a few bits that are on special offer that week, and the rest is based around meal planning and the odd impulse buy. So what are the the "usuals"? They are the items that we purchase every single week. The funny thing is that something really normal for me might sound bizarre to someone else. I just love hearing about other people's food shopping.

So here it is, a list of items we buy every single week, and a bit of information where needed. 

And there we have it. A little glimpse in to my weekly shopping trolley. Our shopping is usually anywhere from €70-€90 per week. It's amazing what you can do when you're on a tight budget though. There's weeks I've made it happen on €50 a week for two adults and one toddler. It involves some creative thinking, hardcore meal planning and absolutely NO wasting of food, but it can be done. Usually we shop at Aldi because I find it better for fresh fruit/vegetables and baby items. We will also shop in Supervalu, Lidl or Dunnes/Tesco if certain offers are available (such as €10 off Lidl vouchers from the newspaper) or if we don't have time to do a big weekly shop (we live near a Supervalu and I'll get bits and bobs throughout the week). 

How much do you spend on your food shopping? What are your weekly staples? And where do you shop?