The A-Z Of Me

OK I lied. In this post I claimed that instead of doing the various posts that I had been tagged in, I would just do one instead. A way of sort of merging them altogether, if you will. Well, here I am now, completely contradicting that. I read different blogs for different reasons. They all vary in style and content, and generally one trend doesn't really flow in to all of these different blog genres. Well, the owl "A-Z Of Me" tag seems to be completely going to town on that one. It's creeping up everywhere. People say it's surprisingly difficult, quite narcissistic (me? never) and a great way for people to get to know you.

Having read a million of these posts, I've decided to take My Little Babog up on her tag (offer? tag offer?) and divulge to the internet the alphabet, Tracey style.

I give you, The A-Z Of Me. Don't collapse with excitement. 

A is for America. I've always dreamt of going there, and in April 2011 that wish came true. Peter and I went to New York to my aunt's wedding. It was amazing. One of the best experiences of my life. Picture the scene - a little chapel off Broadway where we actually spotted Jodie Foster across the street (I have to say street, we're talking about America here). She was actually looking at my aunt (and admiring her I'm sure. She was a stunning bride). The reception after the ceremony was on an open rooftop near Central Park. It was just a once in a lifetime experience and I'll never forget it. 

B is for bread. JOKING. It's for Billy of course. Beautiful Bouncing Baby Boy Billy. The light of my life. The reason my heart beats. The dream come true. Thank you universe. Words fail me on this one. 

C is for coffee. Beautiful Bouncing Baby Boy Billy is still a fan of many night wakings. I like to think that it's because he just can't get enough of us and needs to see our faces often. As a result, coffee is my friend. Love the stuff. Actual love. 

D is for drama. It's always been a huge part of my life. I've attended drama classes since I was seven, been in several plays and musicals, and went on to study a Masters in Drama And Performance Studies in UCD. I also worked in The Olympia Theatre for five years, so you could say that drama and theatre have always been important to me. And the gas thing? I'm not even remotely dramatic. Honestly....

E  is for earrings. I feel naked without them. They're kind of my thing. 

F is for Fuerteventura. We've been there two years in a row now. Great place and highly recommended for a family holiday. We stay here

G is for green. I'm proud to be Irish and my boyfriend is a massive fan of The Republic Of Ireland soccer team. So green has always been a prominent colour for us. 

H is for happy. As many other bloggers have said, I'm happy. As Charlotte said in the Sex And The City Movie - "not all day every day, but every day" I'm happy. I've been really fortunate in this life so far, and I am aware of it. I'm very grateful and I hope that I portray that enough. 

I is for Ireland. Has to be doesn't it? Ole Ole Ole Ole. 

J is for joker. I'm a bit of a class clown me. Always up for a joke and laughter is the best form of a medicine in my opinion. 

K is for kitchen. I love cooking. I've always enjoyed it but since Billy came along I've enjoyed it so much more. I make all of his food from scratch and I love trying new recipes. Most recently I made these savoury muffins for lunch-time, and these banana and oat bites for snack-time or breakfast. 

L is for Love Of Living. My blog. My other baby. I'm really proud of what it's become and I really really enjoy blogging. Thank you all for reading, it is so very appreciated!

M is for Maureen. My mam. She is my absolute role model, inspiration, and constant source of support and guidance. It's a privilege to be her daughter. I'm a lucky girl! 

N is for notebooks. I'm a massive fan of stationary, and I love a good list. 

O is for Olympia. The best theatre in the world. The place I worked for five years and a place I still regularly frequent. It's a magical place. 

P is for Peter. My other half. We've been partners in crime for almost six years now. He makes me laugh every day, is an amazing life partner (yes I just said that) and an incredible father to Billy. He's my soul mate and I love the bones off him. 

Q is for Quinn. My second name. Is that a cop-out? 

R is for reading. It's why I do this. I love reading anything from books to blogs. I would love to write a book someday. It's always been a dream of mine. 

S  is for same sex marriage. Vote Yes. This is why I will be doing so. 

T is for tea. Oh how I love theee (thee? tea? thee tea? who cares.) Comfort in a mug. It always has my back. Sexy little thing. 

U is for universe. Because I believe in the Law Of Attraction. I'm well able to preach, but not always the best at taking my own advice. Something I'm actively trying to change. What we think about we bring about, thoughts become things - that type of thing. It's true, I'm tellin' ya.

V is for value. I'm all about getting good value. Whether it's food shopping, holidays, how I spend my spare time etc. I'm also all about valuing yourself. Don't sell yourself short and believe in yourself. You kind of have to be your own best friend in this world. 

W is for writing. I love words. I love writing words. I even love writing the word writing. I always have and always will. It all began in secondary school. Fifth year most specifically. I put it down to an amazing teacher. 

X  is for Xmas. Right? No? OK Christmas. I LOVE Christmas. I plan on being the most annoying in-your-face Christmas person this year. You have been warned. 

Y is for Yes. Did I mention that I'm voting yes. I hope you are too. 

Z is for Zumba. I haven't done it in a long time, but it's something I really want to get back in to. Great fun and a great work-out. 

I won't tag another blogger here because I genuinely think I may be the last person in the actual world to do this post. I got there in the end, and if you got to the end of this post without falling asleep I commend you!