So You Think You know Me?

There are a couple of different tag posts floating around the blogging world at the moment. I've learned a lot of surprising facts about different bloggers and have found them really enjoyable and entertaining. I've been tagged in a few of them, so I've decided to somewhat merge them all and do a post of random facts about me. Not the obvious stuff though. You all know I like to cook and have a son named Billy that I'm obsessed with. But what about the other parts? The not so obvious facts. Here are a couple of random facts about me. Having read them all back I realise that most of them involve drama in some way... 

Me - "It is such a pleasure to meet you Mr Mandela".

Him - "My name is Muhammad Ali". 

        This is a true story. I am equally proud and mortified by it. Don't judge me... 


  • I've edited a book. 
  • I was a twin in the early days. Imagine two of me? 
  • I used to take sugar in my tea, and now it would revolt me to have it with sugar. Now there's a riveting fact. 
  • I have two tattoos. A heart on my right foot and a sunflower on the back on my neck. 
  • I was on Your A Star, got down to the last 12 at the Cork auditions and my school principal played the video of my audition at our school assembly. I was delighted but pretended to be scarlet. 
  • I text about twenty people before I started this blog. People who's opinion I really value. I asked them what they thought about the idea of me starting a blog. 
And sure here I am!