Recipe l Vegetable, Ham And Cheese Savoury Muffins

I wanted to share this lovely little recipe with you all. I've seen a couple of similar recipes on the net, but I kind of just made this one up today and it turned out brilliantly. 

We were going to see Ben And Holly Live at The Olympia Theatre today, Billy's first trip to the theatre. There were plans to have lunch in a restaurant afterwards and I wanted to bring something handy for Billy's lunch. I brought a few snacks for the day - grapes, grated cheese, rice cakes and yoghurt but needed something substantial for his actual lunch. We had different vegetables, some grated cheese, eggs etc and I just decided to chance my arm and try to make it all work together in some sort of a savoury muffin. In the past I've made cheesy vegetable fritters, veggie fingers and mini quiches but I had never actually made a savoury muffin. I wanted something that had a nice rise to it, firm and solid so that they could be easily transportable, and handy enough to freeze too. 'Twas one of those times where it all just worked out perfectly and it's safe to say that these will be something I will make time and time again. Billy loved them. My other half also thought they were "savage". I was able to just pop them in a little lunch box and I had a healthy filling tasty lunch for Billy to enjoy hot or cold. On this occasion he ate (devoured) them cold. A great success. 

I used a combination of fresh and frozen vegetables, and I just used what I had available at the time. You can of course use different combinations. I've made similar types of recipes in the past where I've used Courgette (a favourite vegetable in our house) so using Cauliflower, Broccoli and Cheese made a nice change. These three ingredients also happen to work incredibly well together. 

Feel free to alter the ingredients, but I'll just tell you what I used. As I said, they worked out really well. Most noticeably the texture - firm, a nice "bready" chew to them, and yet soft and fluffy at the same time.  I think the Greek Style Yoghurt has a lot to answer for. It gave that lovely lightness. Today's lunch sorted, eight living in the freezer for future use, and an easy peasy recipe. All good things in my book! Here's the recipe for anyone who would like to give them a try. 






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