10 Things I Do Every Day

I'm a creature of habit, me. Not a massive fan of change. I've always been the type of person who just likes to know what's happening and I loooove a good plan. 

This morning, I started thinking about the things that structure my day. It might sound terribly boring to some people, but doing certain things every day gives me a sense of peace, or something. It's a security thing I suppose. It's comfortable. 

So here we have it, a riveting list of some of the things that I do every single day. They are the foundations that keep me feeling somewhat on top of things and they give me a sense of purpose. They are also the things that keep the house afloat which isn't the easiest thing in the world when you have a small baby.

Did I also mention that I love a good list? *shudders with excitement*.

1. I am woken by my baby. An alarm clock is a truly redundant machine in this house. The wake-up usually arrives at about 6.30am. There is no snooze button.

2. I start my day with a cup of coffee. One spoon of coffee, one spoon of sweetener, good sup of milk. As I write this I'm already looking forward to tomorrow's mug. Psychologically I feel better equip to face the day after that first coffee. It tastes great, it's smells great, it's a comforting hot drink, and it makes me feel a little less like a zombie. All in all, a good way to start the day. 

3. I hover seven million times a day. OK so it's twice, usually. Sometimes it's three times depending on the level of mess that Billy creates after a meal. My poor hover is over-worked, God love it. I've become more obsessive about it recently because Billy literally puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. No matter how much I hover, he'll still manage to find a pea or a cornflake. 

4. I make my bed when Billy goes down for his morning nap. Somewhere between 9 and 10am Billy goes for his first nap. I go straight in to my bedroom, make the bed, open the window and get myself showered and dressed for the day. I like that time. Even if Billy has a really short nap, and no matter what happens during the day, I feel a bit smug when I've managed to do those two things. Some days that legitimately is a victory. It's all very "look at how together I am. I'm dressed and my bed is made", when in actual fact last night's Shepard's pie is yet to be hovered from the kitchen floor. 

5. I check my emails far too much. It's a constant state of "refresh" over here. For blogging things, social media things, and general Internet nosiness, I check it at least ten times a day. 

6. If I'm at home I use Billy's second nap to prepare the dinner. It works quite well. When he wakes from that nap he's not far off his dinner so it makes life easier to have everything sorted in advance. On a really good day he'll nap long enough for me to prepare the dinner and still have time to sit down with a cup of tea and watch some TV. 

7. Use Vaseline on my lips throughout the day. It's "my thing". There are random pots of it in every corner and crevasse of the house. 

8. Press 607 on the UPC remote. Nick Jr. is our background noise of choice. 

9. Tidy up Billy's toys when he goes to bed. The house usually looks like this during the day....

Literally NO point attempting to keep tidying it throughout the day. I hover in the mornings, let the chaos take over, and tidy it when he goes to bed. I enjoy this part of the day a bit too much. I think it's a bit of OCD. Putting the puzzle pieces back where they go, placing the little books in a nice pile together, throwing the balls back in the ball pit, and putting all the "little" toys in a little box. It gives me a sense of calm. Another "together" moment, if you will.

10. Enjoy the brief tidiness and peace each evening. This is the "me time" I so look forward to every day. Billy goes to bed at about 8pm. At this point the kitchen has been tidied after dinner, I've tidied up his toys, the kettle is on and tea is on the way. I get in to my PJs, grab my laptop, and proceed to read, watch, and write everything on the internet for a couple of hours. It's my chance to un-wind and I absolute LOVE it. 

I realise this post is completely exposing my weirdness but sure...

Do you like to have a routine or are you a go-with-the-flow type of person? I'll reply to your comment at about 8pm tomorrow evening...