Giveaway - Win A Beautiful Three-Piece Baby Clothes Set

I don't know about you guys, but I have serious issues when it comes to packing away Billy's old baby clothes. It took me a long time to psych myself up enough to pack away his newborn clothes, even longer to pack away his 3-6 month clothes, and let's just say that his 6-9 month clothes are sitting in a big bag glaring at me every time I walk in to the room. 

It's not the job at hand that bothers me, it's just the fact that packing away small clothes means that my baby is getting bigger, growing up, and needing me less. 

That being said, when I do sit down to sort through the clothes I am reminded of so many fantastic memories. His first ever babygrow is packed away in a special baby box which also contains sentimental things like his little arm name tag from when we were in the hospital. Certain outfits remind me of different events, special moments, and just really magical memories of those early days when life is such a whirlwind of love and emotion. 

As Billy is 10.5 months now I need to start thinking about rooting out all of his 12-18 months clothes, just to have them ready to go. Some of his tops are getting a little on the small side. Partly because he's growing every day and partly because he gets food everywhere so every item of clothes gets washed a million times. 12-18 months is a bit of a shocker though. I remember seeing 12-18 months clothes in the shops when he was born and I couldn't ever imagine my baby fitting in to anything like that. Sure he'd be tiny forever right? 

Then there is the difference in the style of clothes. The 12-18 months are distinctly more "little boy" than baby. More jeans, tracksuit bottoms, t-shirts and hoodies. I look back on his little tiny suits from when he was a newborn and under 6 months and I just can't get over the fact that he was this small. A little doll. All 7 pound 12oz of him.

As a celebration of all things baby clothes, and in a bid to make the nostalgia a little easier, the lovely people at Buttons And Bows Boutique have given me the most beautiful little prize to give away to one lucky reader. Buttons And Bows Boutique are an online Irish store offering beautiful baby clothes and gifts at affordable prices. 

The winner of the competition will receive one of the below prizes - the baby girl outfit, baby boy outfit or a €10 voucher to use on their website for anything you like. This is a fantastic prize for the lucky winner. 

Option 1 - Baby Boy Prize
Bebe Bonito 3 Piece Set size 3-6 months + 2 x Baby Boy Gift Socks 

Option 2 - Baby Girl Prize
Bebe Bonito 3 Piece Set size 3-6 months + 1 x Baby Gift Gift Socks + 1 x Baby Headband

Option 3 - Gift Voucher
1 x €10 Gift Voucher for our online store 

To enter 

1. Like the Love Of Living Facebook page 

2. Like the Buttons And Bows Boutique Facebook Page

3. Leave a comment either below this post or on the Love Of Living Facebook Page 

                                                                      Good Luck

Disclaimer - The terms of this competition are that the winner is entitled to chose from one of the above prizes and not all of them. The prize will be sent to the winner directly from the company mentioned. This competition has a Facebook element to it but is not connected to or endorsed in any way by Facebook. 

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