50 Things That Make Me Happy

This post has been doing the rounds lately. I've come across it on a few different blogs that I read, and it made me stop for a minute and smile. I think we are so quick to talk about the things that make us unhappy, the worries, the fears, the injustices. If only we placed as much thought and intention on the things that make us happy. In a bid to be more mindful, here are, in no particular order, fifty things that make happy. 

1. Being a mother. It's what I have wanted since I was a little girl. I feel really lucky. 

2. Billy. Obvious right? He makes me happier than I ever knew possible. My constant source of joy. 

3. Fresh sheets. Nothing like it. 

4. A cup of tea. 

5. Spending time with my family. 

6. New friendships.

7. Wine, and the giddiness associated. 

8. Peter. In general. He's all kinds of wonderful.

9. My qualifications. I feel really happy that I did my BA and MA. It feels like a huge achievement and makes me feel proud of myself. 

10. Cooking. 

11. Nice food, eating out, etc... 

12. A good hug. 

13. When something is so funny that it stops you in your tracks.

14. Holidays.

15. Being at home. I'm a real home-bird and love my home-comforts. 

16. Getting dolled up. 

17. Writing. 

18. Made In Chelsea, One Born Every Minute, and all Jamie Oliver/Nigella Lawson Cooking Shows. 

19. Photographs. 

20. My phone. 

21. Hats. 

22. The bath. 

23. The Olympia Theatre. My special place.

24. PJs. 

25. The internet. 

26. Reading. Though I don't do enough of it due to number 25.

27. Being pampered. 

28. New Clothes. 

29. When the house is clean. 

30. Going out for a coffee. 

31. Being cosy indoors when it's raining outside. 

32. Feeling needed. 

33. Unexpected good news. 

34. When things work out, even when it seems like they won't.

35. That moment your head hits the pillow. 

36. Billy's nap time. 

37. Lip Balm. 

38. The sea. 

39. Chocolate. 

40. Making people happy. 

41. Going on adventures.

42. Being outdoors. 

43. A good romcom. 

44. Surprising people with gifts and good news. 

45. Nice smells. 

46. Finding money you didn't know you had. 

47. Making people laugh. 

48. Getting a bargain. 

49. Singing. 

50. Stationary.