Imagining The New Year

Let me first say that Christmas was most lovely. I'm typing this on my brand new Google Chromebook. It was a present from "Billy" and let me tell you, it was a HUGE surprise. I couldn't believe it. We decided upon modest presents this year, myself and my baby daddy. I felt a bit bold for going over the limit (not by much) so when "Billy" my six and a half month old son "handed" me this gift, I nearly fell off the sofa. It was a massive joyful surprise and I genuinely felt like a little kid at Christmas. Only I was the person with the little kid at Christmas. The little kid who managed to escape my loving arms, hop on the bus to town, purchase the computer with money I was unaware he possessed, wrap it, keep it as a secret from his father, and strategically place it under the tree beside his father's present to me. I have one exceptionally talented baby guys. I couldn't be prouder and he totally outdid himself. If by any chance his father happened to give him a hand with the whole surprise, I too thank him from the bottom of my heart. It was the most perfect present. And did I mention it was a surprise? A lucky lady I am. I'm writing from it as we speak (or type? Well I'm typing and you're reading. Well, you're not reading like now, but you will be in the future when I post this. So I suppose now you're sleeping, or maybe I'll be sleeping when you read this? Nonetheless, we're doing something) and this is how she looks. Isn't she a little beauty?

So tomorrow is New Years Eve and to be completely honest with you all I've never really been a big fan of the occasion. Firstly I think it's actually a bit of a sad day for a lot of people, and I genuinely can't stand the Auld Lang Syne song. Much in the same way that I can't watch My Sister's Keeper or Marley And Me. I hate songs, films, articles, books and photographs that I know will make me cry. It doesn't take much to make me cry to be honest. I'm a complete softy and my brothers are always slagging me about it, but it's true. When I know something is sad I just stay away from it. Not in a denial type of way. Or in an unsympathetic way either. If anything I'm too sympathetic. It's more of a "why would I actively walk myself in to a situation where I know I'm going to be upset, if it's completely avoidable". Fight or flight maybe. I'm a flight girl! So usually I'm happy when I've said my happy new years and I'm tucked up in bed. Boring? maybe, but that's how I feel about the whole thing. No point pretending to be something I'm not is there?

Well, before this gets any more Dear Diary, let me do what I intended to do. And that's to partake in the lovely little Linky happening over at The Busy Mama's blog. It's about the New Year and imagining how things will be. I'm a dreamer so this is very much up my street. Speaking of street, we don't have one, or a house for that matter. We're still looking for a home. A solid month now living with my saint of an aunt who took us all under her wing. The property market and exceedingly high rental prices are absolutely wrecking my buzz. I genuinely viewed a two bedroom cottage last week that had food on the ground. In more than one room. ACTUAL FOOD, from a bin like. It also had seven full black bags of rubbish, a sofa with a slash down the middle, a horrifically dont-want-to-know-what-that-is stained mattress in the "master" (disaster) bedroom, and a "terrace" which was an actual wardrobe containing a broken clothes horse. I felt like I needed to be fumigated when I left there. And amidst all of this the letting agent stood there with his massive cheesy fake grin confirming that it was "probably a bit small for you guys and your baby is it?". Yes sir, this place is too small. That's it. Sure why else wouldn't I be happy to fork over €1200 a month to live in this "quaint" little cottage. Makes Me Sick! So we'll start there then will we?

1. A home. I image that we will have a home in 2015. I joke I joke. Of course we will. But I imagine it to be in the earliest part of the year, as in within the next week or so. And we would definitely prefer it to be without filth and disease. That would be just swell. 

2. I imagine a much healthier version of myself strutting around our new home looking like an absolute fox. It's my dream so I'm allowed to OK? Everyone says it, but 2015 is the year I will lose "the" weight. We'll call it the "holiday weight" for argument sake. I was lucky enough to not put on too much weight while pregnant, I lost it all straight away, but then I contracted a terrible disease. Thank you for your sympathies. It's called ivejusthadababyitis. It's a cruel disease and it eats away at you (or more so you just eat) one cake at a time. Enough is enough, he's going to be seven months on the 9th January. I demand to be only delighted with my body by his first birthday. Or at least lose a few pounds. I think I'll be knocking on me owl friend Slimming World's door again. We had a bit of a love/hate relationship in 2013. I say 2013 because 2014 was either spent pregnant, or not pregnant but certainly not dieting. When I stuck to it I saw great results, but then I got excited and piled it back on again. Then I got pregnant. And here I am again back at square one. But it's OK, because I actually don't get a second to look in the mirror these days so I'm actually DELIGHTED with the perception I have in my head about how I look. It's something along the lines of this...

It's just a little selfy I took before heading out to buy nappies. You know yourself.

For the fun of it, I vouch that at some point in 2015 I will attempt to recreate this photo. I'm not saying I'll be even remotely as smokin' hot as Lucy Watson from Made In Chelsea, but I'll feel a little bit of alright, and sure it'll be a bit of fun. I'll genuinely do this. Now there's some motivation for me already. 

3. Holidays. Don't care if it isn't feasable or we can't afford it. I'll always find a way to go on a holiday. So far we're going to Leeds for a night (in February, and yes I actually will miss my little man, even though it's just for one night). We're also going to a wedding in Spain in July which is an adults only wedding. That'll be 2/3 nights away and we haven't thought too much about it yet as our housing situation is top of the agenda at the moment. Apart from these I absolutely endeavour for us to have a family sun-holiday in 2015. The three amigos. Billy will be 1 in June so the later part of the summer will be the perfect time for him to enjoy the pool, beach, and ice-cream that holidays have to offer. I really look forward to making that happen. 

4. Health. It really is everything. It goes hand in hand with the weight stuff. I want to be the best mammy to Billy. I think I'm doing a good job so far, but I'm missing something important and that's appreciating the body I've been given. I want to move more and eat healthier. I want our son to have a healthy attitude to food and exercise, and it starts here with us leading the example. This is my most important wish for the year. It's a promise to myself and to my son.

2015 will be for living. Living happily in our new home, living healthily in my own skin, living together as a family and creating memories that 2016 will struggle to compete with. But it will. And you know why? Because I intend to pave a future that gets better and better. I've been guilty of some dreadful negative thinking, self pity and general moaning this year, despite having been given the most precious gift I could have ever wished for. 

2015, we're coming for you, and it'll be a year of great great things. 

Wishing you and yours endless amounts of health, wealth and blessings in 2015. And if all else fails, the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie comes out in 2015, so if nothing else you can make 2015 the year you watched porn in the cinema. 

Stay classy! 

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