Christmas - Past, Present and Future.

Monday 22nd of December. A week until Christmas 2014 and I'm remenising about some of my fondest memories of Christmases gone by. 

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When I think about Christmas now, it can often become a bit on oblivion of stress for people. The present buying, figuring out the logistics of how we're spending our days over the Christmas period, worrying about the outfit, feeling a little too squishy around the edges and already anticipating the 'New Year New Me' diet thoughts. It's all a bit complicated really, isn't it? So in the spirit of what is important, I'm taking it all down a notch. It's our son's very first Christmas. Isn't that just marvellous? I have so many fond memories of Christmas, and even now as a twenty five year old woman, I often consult them when I want to turn that warm happy fuzzy Christmas feeling up a notch. I want to give Billy those same happy memories. And that we will. So here are some of mine. 

Breakfast in my nanny's house. Far too many people crowded around a table eyeing up the last piece of Keogh's pudding. Toast only 'done' on one side, as my nanny would always have it. Grilled to perfection, soft on the bottom and crispy on top, with far too much butter altogether. Perfection. I laughed when Andrea from Office Mum gave this exact example as well. We get toast! 

Queueing up outside the sitting room door and my mam refusing to let us in to the room until every single one of us was in a line ready to walk in. Even last year. We did it. We loved it. We felt five years old again. 

Diving in to the sitting room and straight away just knowing which pile was yours. Looking at your sibling's piles, equally excited to see what they get, but feeling SO smug about your pile which in your opinion was so much better than theirs. 

How the sitting room went from being perfectly clean and tidy to an absolute bombshell full of wrapping paper, boxes, and paper in about twenty seconds. 

Texting your friends to see what they "got". This would later turn in to sending a picture message when we got older, and sure now it's a 10 second Snapchat. 

Taking the essential Christmas morning photos which I would later be so scarlet about. Bed head, no make-up and cheesy smiles were not a good look. Great memories though. 

Visiting my Dad in his house where Santa would have also visited. Again little piles would await us. Excitement brewing. Fire lit and eating King crisps far too early in the day but loving it all the same. 

Driving down to my nanny's house and looking at all the other cars on the road wondering where they were going on Christmas day and kind of feeling like we all knew eachother in some weird way. Sure Santa knew us all didn't he?

Not actually feeling hungry for Christmas dinner because you ate so much crap during the day, but still stuffing your face.

Turkey and ham sandwiches. Standard. 

Christmas PJ's, fresh sheets, and hot chocolate on Christmas eve.

Polar Express and Miracle on 34th street as my all-time favourite Christmas movies.

Mulled wine. Any wine. 

Mam telling us not to forget to plug out the Christmas tree lights when we were going to bed. 

Our annual family outing in town. A bit of shopping, grabbing some food, a festive coffee, and enjoying the buskers, the lights and the general Christmas atmosphere. This year twas Nandos that stuffed our bellies. 

Being irritated by all the buggy traffic in Penneys. HOW can there be so many prams and buggies trying to navigate the exact same route around the shop? Finally I can join this club now, and payback is a bitch. 

Sitting around watching the soaps on Christmas day. I don't even watch Soaps but I have fond memories of my nanny, mam and aunts watching the Christmas day episodes. It's usually after dinner and the clean up and it's a lovely relaxing part of the day. A bit of down-time among the chaos. This is usually when the Christmas slippers make an appearance! 

My nanny making her Christmas puddings. Watching her follow the recipe, and do it the exact same way every year. She is so particular. It's a special tradition for her and she really enjoys it.

Festive coffees. Anywhere. Everywhere. Over-priced. Don't care! 

Lipstick. Because every day is a lipstick day when it's Christmas.

The vendors on Moore street. This year I noticed some particularly pale looking Frozen dolls. These ladies and gentlemen are such an inherent part of Irish culture, and for that I love it. 

Michael Buble's Christmas album. Oh yes! 

The panto. The best memories of working in The Olympia Theatre and working 24/7 over Christmas. I was exhausted but I loved the buzz of it all. Jedward, the masses of crowds, popcorn and flashing lights, meet and greets, having Leo Burdocks with Maureen Grant in her bar on the ground floor of the theatre. 

Random memory of the time I got my first mobile phone and it had WAP. Remember that? I managed to lose the phone about ten times over Christmas before I went back to school. On one particular search I recall my mam calling the mobile while we all paced around the green in front of our house looking for it to light up. It did, and we found it. You saved the day as always Mam. 

Wicklow Street. I love Grafton street, don't get me wrong, but there is just something about Wicklow Street that makes me feel festive. It reminds me of my mam because we used to always part in the Brown Thomas car park there and we would end up walking out on to that street. It's also just quite a pretty and quaint little street. 

Boots, hats, scarves, gloves, coats and getting out in the cool crisp air as much as is humanely possible. I just love it. 

I could go on and on, really I could. It's a wonderful time of year. I had all of these ideas and plans about how our first Christmas as a family would be. I planned for us to be in our new home, with our own Christmas tree. Our stockings hanging somewhere on display. Our Christmas bed sheets proudly spread. Doing the big Christmas shop and stocking up the presses and fridge with fancy things. Beginning our Christmas eve traditions. So it hasn't quite turned out that way. We still haven't found a house and are still (gratefully) living with my aunt for the time being. 

BUT, she's put Christmas sheets on the bed, the presses and fridge are stocked with Christmassy goods, the presents are in and the wrapping will be done. The Christmas tree is shining bright. The Christmas PJs have been purchased. The Christmas clothes are ready and waiting. And do you know what? I have a feeling that Santa got the memo and will pay us all a little visit. 

And the best part? Billy could be in China for all he knows. He's with his mammy and his daddy, and he's as happy as happy can be. 

                     you just eat the wrapping paper there son, we'll do the posing.