GIVEAWAY - Personalised Children's Christmas Book!

One of the lovely perks of blogging is when a company contacts you asking you to review a product. All thoughts and opinions will of course be my own, but it is lovely to have the opportunity to test and try out new products and share them with my readers. 

A couple of days ago the lovely people at digitalscribe contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in reviewing their personalised children's Christmas books. I love Christmas, I love books, and I love my child, so YES was definitely the answer there. 


They asked me to send them an image of the "child" I wanted to have featured on the book as well as his or her name, and the names of two other people whom I could mention in the book. You know, people the child would recognise the names of. Friends, a parent, a special teddy - that sort of thing. Within a few minutes I had emailed them an image of Billy along with the names of Billy's two 'friends', namely his Daddy Peter and his cousin Casey, both of whom he adores. Within a few days the book arrived, and just look at the cuteness of it. It is just gorgeous!  

I was delighted by how quick and easy the process was. It's fast and easy which is really good to know if you are buying this as a present for someone to enjoy over Christmas. It's made from a lovely material which can easily be wiped clean should you spill some avocado and banana puree on it (do I sound like I'm speaking from experience?) and it came with a gorgeous personalised letter inside, sent straight from Santa himself don't ya know! 
As you can see Billy's face appears on the very front page which I can imagine for a child slightly older than Billy, would be seriously exciting. Imagine waiting for their special book from Santa, and opening it to see their own face on it? I know I would have loved that. I would have felt famous, and it would have reinforced my already deadly relationship with the white bearded man himself.

The book includes a lovely element where you get to sign the book as being "from" someone. Billy's was from us, mammy and daddy. This is a really touch, particularly if it's a present to someone.


                                Billy's two friends get a special mention in the book!


When the story ends, Santa says "see you next year" to Billy, another lovely touch. It emphasises the magic of Christmas, and that it comes every year. 

As you can probably tell, I loved this book. It's such a lovely idea and now that I have my own child I can appreciate it even more. This is something we will have forever, and I will enjoy showing it to Billy when he's older. It's an exciting way to show him a photo of himself as a baby, in a cute way which captures the magic of Christmas too. I can tell him that Santa has always been his friend, and he has been coming since he was a little baby. So sweet! 


Not only did digitalscribe sent me a free copy of the book, but they've also given me a "book" as a giveaway. Isn't that nice of them? If you want to be in with a chance to win this prize please see the competition link below and follow the instructions. A winner will be announced this week, and you could have your very own personalised Christmas book for your child.

In the meantime, if you would like to order one of these beautiful books you can do so for €15.99 plus postage and packaging here on the digitalscribe website. You can also find them here on Facebook.

Good Luck! 

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