A Picture Says A Thousand Words

Isn't that what they say? I decided not to bore you all with reams of writing and instead paint a little visual picture for you all. This is pretty much a really accurate portrayal of what my life has consisted of lately. I'm 38 weeks and 1 day pregnant today which means that I am officially full-term. That means that if the baby was born tomorrow it would be full-formed and ready for the outside world. That is a surreal thought! The movements are still strong but different now so I can tell that the little cutie has less room in there to move around. Oh soon you will be stretching those arms and legs my darling! 

Another important thing that has happened since my last post is that I finally finished work. What a feeling. Don't get me wrong, work was fine, but when you are so close to your due date there comes a point where you just want to focus on the baby, looking after yourself and making sure that you have everything sorted. So far I have spent my maternity leave baking, cooking, cleaning, meeting friends, doing bits around the house and bouncing on my exercise ball (helps the baby move down south). I'm not the best person in the world for relaxing and I know everybody says how important it is but for me it's just been lovely to actually have the time to do some of the things that I couldn't do when I was out of the house from 9-6. Things like sticking a wash on and having them dried on the washing line and back in the wardrobe be lunch-time, cooking nice food, really enjoying going through my baby things and double-checking I haven't forgotten anything, long luxurious showers, pottering around the house with the windows open when the weather is nice, having friends call over and so on and so forth. It has been lovely. In my own way I am relaxing. Domestic Goddess right here!


In terms of how I feel, I honestly still feel great. I really have been so blessed in this pregnancy. At my 38 week check-up all was perfect and the midwife said the baby's head is right down and sitting above my pelvis so all is as it should be right now. Sure, sleeping is a bit uncomfortable (and about 10 trips to the loo every night is great craic too) as was the day that my feet randomly got very swollen (I think I overdid it that day) but I literally cannot complain because my health is great and the baby is thriving. I'm also still trying to eat as healthily as I can. When I'm out and about I usually have what I fancy but at home I'm eating lots of fruit (actually had the nicest ripest Mango for breakfast), making home-made soups and eating foods that are high in fibre and full of nutrients. I'm being healthy most of the time and that's what matters to me. Healthy doesn't have to mean boring. I haven't gained too much weight and all along that was really important to me, so long may it last. I wanted to be healthy and gain what was necessary but there was definitely an extra two stone I easily could have gained by just using the pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted. In the long run that would do me no favours and it means when I have the baby I would feel really awful and have a serious amount of weight to lose. It's not a vanity thing, more of a health thing really.

In general we cook nice meals and I have been really enjoying that. Now, today for instance I wasn't healthy at all. I went to a diner with my sister and we went for ice-cream after and to be honest it didn't agree with me at all! Don't feel too good after it but don't regret allowing myself a treat. Just shows how your body reacts to greasy food when you've been eating healthily. 

A little photo collage to show you the various baby items that are building up in my house. My aunt only had a baby 18 months ago and she has been SO good us. She gave us that fabulous changing table and I know it's going to be so handy. It even has little compartments underneath for nappies and wipes and the likes. We're using the bottom shelf for things like vests, babygrows and little outfits. I'm delighted with it. She also gave us the Moses basket and so many gorgeous neutral-coloured clothes. It's been invaluable. There she is in the picture below with her daughter and my beautiful cousin Casey. We brought her to see Peppa Pig on Sunday in The Olympia Theatre and she absolutely LOVED it.

A sample of the lovely food I've been eating recently. Usually prepared by my lovely boyfriend who can be seen in the photo below making his own marinade in the pestle and mortar. He made it up himself and smoothered our cod in it before oven baking. So tasty! In another photo you can see the amazing butternut squash mash that he made another day. He basically roasted a whole butternutsquash and added honey, chilli and cinnamon. It was amazing! 

Our babymoon was everything we hoped for and more. We just had a great few days in Portlaoise and it was a wonderful weekend. Remember I mentioned that we went to the same hotel more than four years ago? Well this time they put us in the EXACT same hotel room. I couldn't believe it! It was just a brilliant weekend - great food, great company and just a great last little holiday before the baby comes. Very grateful that we had the opportunity to do something like this. I finished work three days later so it's been a great week.

Maybe the next photo will be of our little baby? SUCH an exciting time. I plan on enjoying this part of my maternity leave as much as possible and relaxing as much as I can (the emphasis being on the I there because my idea of relaxing at the moment may not be everybody else's, lol).

Come on Baby Byrne, we're ready to meet you whenever you're ready!