Recipe : What's Cooking?

I'm really enjoying my healthy eating more than ever lately. With only six week's until my due date I want to feel good and try to limit the weight that I gain. I basically don't want to have a tonne of unnecessary weight that I'll have to lose when I have the baby. For me that was always important when I found out I was pregnant. I don't want to be rolled out of The Coombe. I've probably had three "bad" weeks in my whole pregnancy but I always felt crap after them. If I want a treat I have it, and if I fancy a take-away I have it but in general I've tried to be as healthy as possible throughout the pregnancy and I can really notice the difference. My energy levels have been good (though funnily enough I feel exhausted this week) and I haven't gained more than the recommended weight for my BMI. Hopefully it will stay that way. It's also important to me to know that I'm feeding the baby foods that are nutritious. Might sound boring but I've really enjoyed it.

When we go food shopping I always have a few ideas in mind in terms of dinners. This week it was a curry with veg and brown rice (love this, and it's full of fibre. White rice doesn't give you any nutrition at all, though I do love that too), a warm chicken salad and then a chicken stir-fry. Seeing a trend here? Yep, chicken. We got an amazing deal on chicken fillets in a local food shop in Crumlin. Only €7 for ten large chicken fillets. We get the whole week out of that and then we've just been basing our food shop (usually Lidl) on things to accompany the chicken in our meals. It has worked out a lot cheaper and it usually means we have a plan and don't waste anything. 

Tomorrow is take-away night (going to get beef with blackbean sauce and veg with boiled rice, yum!), on Saturday we're heading in to town for an Early Bird dinner (see, told you I have a treat when I want it), and we're having Easter dinner in my Mam's house. So that means today was the last 'cooking' day of the week. We had odds and ends in the fridge in the form of leftover vegetables, three chicken fillets, and various herbs and spices so we decided to have a stir-fry. Healthy, filling, and tasty. Before I started cooking I started thinking about my favourite dish from The Lemongrass Restaurant in Citywest. It's an Indonesian rice dish called 'Nasi Goreng' and it is absolutely amazing. It's basically like a concoction of fried rice with prawns, chicken and vegetables going through it. It's  usually served with a fried egg on top of it too. I thought that I would give it a shot and try to re-create it. So I didn't have prawns and I didn't really fancy the fried egg but I knew that the Mr in my life wouldn't turn it down. It turned out really nice and I used no jarred sauces, no oil, no heavy carbs, and it was very easy to put together so maybe someone else might like to try it. If not, I enjoyed my dinner, and this is a terribly pointless post but sure I've committed to it now! :)


We'll call this yummy rice stir-fry thing shall we?

You Will Need...
* you don't need all of these spices and can add or substitute to suit your taste but these work well together and it's what I had in the press.


  1. Chop up your veg, chicken and garlic and add to a hot pan and begin to fry.
  2. In a pot of boiling water begin to cook your rice as directed. I used wholegrain. 
  3. Continue to stir the veg and rice until it is cooked right through. 
  4. Add your herbs and spices. I used 1 tablespoon of Sweet Chilli Sauce, a good dowse of Soy Sauce, half a teaspoon of Chinese five spice, quarter teaspoon of chilli powder, half a teaspoon of cumin (lovely curry flavour) and a good shake of black pepper. This is obviously very much me adding it in no strict measurements. You might like to add more or less of something, leave out something or add something.
  5. Continue to mix through. When rice cooks add rice to pan with veg and chicken.
  6. Stir through ensuring rice is covered in 'sauce' and crack in one egg.
  7. Stir the egg through continuing to stir and ensure it doesn't stick to the pan.
  8. Taste it and add whatever herbs and spices it needs. I added more soy sauce.
  9. Serve by filling a small bowl with the mixture and topping on to a plate. How fancy.
  10. If desired, serve with a fried egg on top.
  11. Enjoy.

Here is the finished product. This was my plate. It was demolished in about five minutes. The one under-neath was my Mr's. He had his with the lovely gooey egg on top.


So tasty, guilt-free and couldn't be any simpler. Basically chop up a fresh pineapple and place on a griddle pan where it will become caramelized and divine. We served ours with a drizzle of honey and a few spoonfuls of fat free Onken Vanilla yoghurt. This really is a gorgeous dessert. Supervalue were doing two pineapples for €2 this week, and I totally got my money's worth.

   My lovely bowl of dessert. Just look at those griddle-marks!