A Normal Wednesday.

It's a normal Wednesday afternoon as I saunter (waddle) to work knowing that I have exactly two week's left until my Maternity leave starts. I would like to elaborate about how time is absolutely flying but that's a whole different entry in itself. It was actually a particularly sunny morning and I decided to wear a summary dress and little sandals I bought in American Eagle when I was in Las Vegas (this sentence's sole purpose was to make me sound extremely cool, did it work?). Turns out the weather, like the woman that she is, was feeling a little bit temperamental today and I ended up getting completely lashed on as I wore said outfit on a lunch-time walk. Anyway, another pointless comment. Where am I going with this? 

Oh yes, a normal Wednesday and all that. Actually, it isn't really even a normal Wednesday. Firstly, it is pay-day and there is nothing normal about that in my book. A very exciting affair altogether (in one hand and out the other says you, but for a day or two I'll feel a little bit loaded. I may even top up my leap card). On that note it isn't even a normal pay-day. It is my... last pay day for nearly seven months. Good Lord! Well, I'll get the Maternity Benefit from the Government, but you know what I mean. OK I'm babbling now. Secondly, I am going to see a play tonight and this is not standard Wednesday evening practice. I'm going to see (and review) the new play of the Ross O' Carroll Kelly Series in The Gaiety Theatre. It's called 'Breaking Dad' and tonight is the press night so I get to go along and enjoy the show for reviewing purposes. I've seen the other shows and they are absolutely brilliant. A serious laugh-out-loud affair. Paul Howard has a fantastic way with words and the lovely people at Landmark Productions always put together an impressive spectical. I am really excited to see this! I'm sitting in the Upper Circle so by the time I get up the stairs I will have convinced myself that I deserve some kind of over-priced chocolate at the interval. 

I really need to get to the point here. So we have established it is Wednesday yes? And that I am wearing inappropriately summary clothes on a rainy day? And I got paid today? We can't forget that. And I'm going to see a show, remember? Well, this also happens to be a Wednesday where my face is plastered across the front of a national newspaper. Yep, they caught me, I'm going to prison. Joking. God I'm funny. 

Yes you heard me. Today I woke up to my face on the front page of The Irish Independent Newspaper. A couple of weeks ago a journalist asked for my opinion about women in the workplace, having a family/work life balance and the pressure on women to 'have it all'. I actually have some pretty solid opinions about all of that stuff, so I answered her phone call one normal Thursday (I swear I won't devote a whole post to that Thursday) and we had a really informal chat where I ended up forgetting all that I said, not really realising that it was the actual interview, and next thing I know it's a bank holiday Monday and a photographer from The Indo has me posing with my thesis in hand and a baby hamper beside me in the middle of my kitchen in Dublin 12. How do I get myself in to these situations? Another thing to add to the 'this has not been your typical pregnancy' list I seem to be contributing to.

The article is nice, and the photo of me is HUGE, but the headline is God awful. It says "women who don't want to reach the top". What even is "the top". Thankfully anyone who has read the article agrees that the headline is completely inappropriate, kind of makes me look unambitious and doesn't actually reflect the article inside or any of the quotes or comments from me. I won't lose sleep over it though, at the end of the day they have to sell papers right? It was a nice article, and I meant everything I said. My lovely blog also got a nice little mention and that is always a good thing. 

So there I am, page 38 (and 39), sitting at my kitchen table with the original play I wrote for my thesis and a huge baby hamper that my two lovely cousins made for me a couple of weeks ago. Don't I look delighted with myself? Yep, just a normal Wednesday right here ya'll. 

Sure listen, I've kept you hear long enough. Off to The Gaiety I go. How ever will I avoid the paparazzi?