Because everyone loves a fresh start

Coming to you live from my very own sitting room...

I've been toying with the idea of setting up a lifestyle blog for a while now. I love blogging and reading other people's blogs but I suppose I wanted to find a way of blogging about the things that interested me without it turning in to a bit of a 'dear diary' type of thing. Nobody needs to read all that stuff! Some people love being really personal, and I am definitely an open book, but I also think it's important for me to blog about the things that I would want to read about. Some of my favourite blogs definitely talk about personal things but the blogs that I really enjoy the most are the ones that include recipes, product reviews, restaurant reviews and cooking products, health related blogs, mental health related blogs, blogs that deal with wellness, book reviews, and general chit chat about all sorts of everything. I don't necessarily enjoy the one's that are a bit too, em, self centred. I don't mean that in the typical sense of the word, but more in the 'posts about me and things that only concern me' type of way. I prefer to read about every-day things and things that other people can benefit from and learn from. That's just me anyway. At the same time I am an honest open book type of person, so hopefully I can strike a nice balance.

So here we go, my very first post. Welcome to my Lifestyle Blog. No idea where it will take me but I have a feeling that it's something I'm really going to enjoy.

And just to get the ball rolling, LOOK at this amazing sky. I left my house the day we were going for our 20 week pregnancy scan and when I walked out the front door I saw this amazing sky. I thought it was seriously beautiful and it was a little moment of calm to start the day, so of course I had to take a picture (I do that a lot, you will see).